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Licenses and Permits Your Hair Salon Need

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To open the doors of your hair salon you will have to acquire multiple licenses and permits from the local, state, and federal government. In fact, many of those permits and licenses will have to be acquired before you can even walk through the doors of your own hair salon. Although knowing which permits and licenses your hair salon will need can be tricky, most of the information about the local permits or licenses your hair salon will need can be found at your local County or City Clerk’s office.

Other information regarding state and federal government required licenses and permits can be found by contacting the appropriate state government office. Although license and permit requirements for hair salons do differ from state to state, the list below is of common permits and licenses you will most likely need to obtain:

Licenses and Permits Your Hair Salon Will Generally Need

  • Business Operation License
    • Can be obtained through the city or county
  • Fictitious Name Permit
    • Usually obtained through the Secretary of State’s office
  • Zoning and Land use Permits
    • Mainly for newly built businesses
    • Usually obtained through the city or county
  • Health Department Permit
    • Obtained through the city or county
  • Sales Tax License
    • Usually obtained through the state’s Department of Revenue
  • Fire Department Permits
    • Obtained locally through the city or county
  • Special state-issued License or Permit
    • Acquired through state level government
    • Only needed if you choose to sell alcohol

If you aren't sure about the permits and licenses you need to open your hair salon, contact your local and state government either by phone or email. They will be able to educate you on all the permits and licenses you will need to open and run your hair salon so that you may remain compliant with all local, state, and federal laws. Information about the permits and licenses you will need to open your hair salon can also be found on local, state, and federal websites.

If you are found without the correct licenses or permits needed to run your hair salon, you could be heavily fined or even risk losing your hair salon. To ensure that you are in compliance at all times, make sure that you understand which licenses and permits your hair salon needs and then acquire those licenses and permits promptly.

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