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How to Price Your Hair Salon's Services

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Although most hair salons allow their beauticians to set their own prices, there are generally price guidelines offered to make sure that every beautician is afforded the fair chance to succeed. These prices generally reflect the hair salon's concept – higher prices for fine salons and lower prices for budget salons – and provide beauticians will fair compensation, as well as prices clients expect to pay.

Factors That Determine Pricing

Your shampoos, colorings, styling, and haircuts pay for everything your hair salon needs to survive so choosing adequate and appropriate pricing is key for your hair salon's success. When pricing your menu, remember that the services and products your hair salon provides need to cover outside and inside costs of running your hair salon including:

  • Utilities
  • Rent or mortgage payment
  • Equipment fees, payments, or repairs
  • Product purchasing
  • Salaries of hourly employees and yourself

When Is Providing More Expensive Services Acceptable?

The answer is almost always. When a hair salon client visits a regular hair salon that they have made an appointment with, they are paying a more premium price because they want the experience. Hair salon clients expect to feel pampered, get in a little gossip, and then walk out feeling great – not because of the new do, but because they were able to get away from it all for awhile. So if you are opening a hair salon, even it if is one without a spa, you can have higher prices than your competitor as long as the service and experience you provide is superior. Simply do your research to see what your competition's prices are, and then ask your potential clients if they would pay more for a better experience.

If you are opening a budget hair salon however, you should not charge higher prices. Clients of these hair salons are on a budget and are generally not paying for the experience, but simply the hair cutting or styling service itself. If you charge $40 a cut at one of these hair salons, you can expect to not stay in business very long.

Your hair salon's profits must be your primary focus when you are determining the average pricing for your services – especially if you are pulling a commission off your beauticians sales. Most hairdressers will price themselves fairly so that they can draw in a high client base, however, you want to make sure that everyone's pricing is fairly even so that one beautician is not gaining all the business do to below average prices, and so that your beauticians can make a fair living while you pull in higher profits for yourself.

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